Stake and Withdraw

The basic requirement to become a EgonCoin chain validator is to have a stake amount of at least 50,000 EgonCoin. The stake amount is the sum of staked EgonCoin tokens of the address. This guide walks trough the process of using metamask in the process of using EgonCoin network.


There are two options to stake (both should be called from the address which would be the validator)

  1. Call the `stake` function on the validators dapp on the EgonCoin network.


Both stakers and validators can withdraw their EgonCoin tokens, up to the staked amount, at any time. The withdrawn amount will be deducted from the validator stake amount, and if the stake amount becomes below the minimum stake amount - the validator will be removed from the EgonCoin chain validators list.There are two options to withdraw:

  1. Call the `withdraw` function on the consensus contract and Elevated DApp with one parameter - the amount to withdraw. This call is for stakers, and validators alike, and will reduce the stake interest amount of the sender address.

  2. Unstake: This will remove both amount staked and interest earned to date.

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