Elevation through Staking with Validators

As discussed on the previous page, EgonCoin blockchain do not offer any delegation role at all. Holders can stake directly on the staking Dapp to get rewarded from the allocated 20% supply.

A holder of EgonCoin is free to stake using the staking Dapp to stake for any length of time, and he can unstake anytime. However there is a 15% fee (only from earned reward) for users who try to game the staking contract by unnecessary stake/unstake and stake/unstake all within a short time. Elevating stake reward ranges from 1% to 18% according to duration of stake.

A holder receives a share of EgonCoin Reserved stake funds proportionate to their staked amount, and duration of stake.

Currently, holders are allowed to unstake their EGON at any time. Minimum stake amount is 10EGON.

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